“Stop drinking only water and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.”

  • 1 Timothy 5:23

I was at the service station a few days ago to get an oil change. During the course of the oil change they noticed that the serpentine belt was starting to crack and the recommendation was to change it before it breaks. The truck was still working and the belt had not broken so in terms of function, there was no pressing need to replace the belt and spend the money/time. My cheapness began to wage war with my practicality in those seconds the mechanic was waiting on my response and eventually after envisioning myself stuck on the highway with the hood up, I decided to change the belt.

In the middle of talking with Timothy about the practicalities of ministry the apostle Paul pauses to say, “Stop drinking water only but take a little wine” (not my advise to you this morning😊). Paul sees the toll that ministry has taken on Timothy and does not call him out from that ministry but does give some practical advise in an area that could cause a breakdown in the future. Timothy was prone to stomach issues and potentially Paul saw that it was from poor water quality and the fermentation process of making wine purified the water making it easier on his system. Regardless of why the advise was given we see that someone from outside looked in and saw that adjustments would be necessary for Timothy in order for him to carry on in ministry and not crash and burn down the road.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could give us a once over and make recommendations on replacing worn out parts that may leave us stranded down the road? What recommendations would there be for you this morning? Would a quick scan reveal that you are taking on too many of the world’s problems? Would it show you aren’t spending enough time with your family or that neglecting your daily devotions is leaving you susceptible to temptation? Would the technician say there is a leak here and a worn bit there and if you don’t stop and spend a bit of time on it today you may have a bigger problem tomorrow?

Like my truck, done of us can continue on forever without once in a while pulling in to the repair station for a few minor tune ups. Let’s make sure we pay attention to the little things now so they don’t become bigger things later on.




Mike Hoeft
Area Commander
Prairie Division