Mental Health Recognition Week may be passed, but the need has not.  Please pray for those who suffer.

Mental Health Week   (May 2- 8, 2022)

Wellness Together

When we understand each other, hate and
fear just fall away. This is empathy.


When someone is struggling, they don’t need
you to fix it. They need you to
understand. Before you weigh in, tune in.


When you say “you are not alone” and really
mean it, this is empathy.


There is no us and them. There is only us
and we’re in this together. This is empathy.


When someone wants to talk, listen hard.
Listen with all you’ve got. This is empathy.


When times are tough, we need to be there
for each other. We need to practice empathy


A friend who’s struggling? You don’t need to
solve their problems. Understanding’s a
solution on its own.