Respite Care 

The Respite Care program provides periodic / short-term respite for caregivers and an alternative to institutionalization for the client. There are 2 respite private rooms. The charge for respite care is set by SHA and is based on the client’s income.


There are numerous situations which require a temporary stay in a properly equipped facility. During these stays, those in care benefit from compassionate nursing services delivered in a safe environment, while caregivers have the opportunity to rejuvenate or attend to personal endeavours. Some common situations where individuals seek out respite care include:

  • Travel plans and vacation arrangements both scheduled and sudden
  • Caregiver mental, physical, and emotional health requirements
  • Seniors exploring assisted living as an option for their future
  • Pursuing the benefits of adult programs for those in care


The reprieve offered by compassionately delivered respite services is far-reaching, impacting both the caregiver and those receiving care. These positive effects include:

  • Promoting Relaxation

A lack of proper rest, especially over a prolonged period, can result in exhaustion as well as increasing risk factors for numerous other issues such as depression. When you relax, your body is able to refresh its natural systems, leaving you better equipped to handle future concerns. Caregivers benefit from the reprieve of simply taking a break from their responsibilities. When you are in need of assistance in caring for a loved one, William Booth Special Care Home is ready to provide support.

  • Opportunities to Socialize

Due to the demanding nature of acting in the capacity of a caregiver, it is easy to withdraw from social engagements simply due to time constraints. In order to facilitate care over the long-term, it is important for caregivers to spend time focusing on themselves and their personal needs, including social engagement. Respite care provides the opportunity to have time for self-care, which can be used for a variety of beneficial purposes, such as meeting friends, attending events, or going on vacation.

  • Assistance and Support

One of the most significant challenges in acting as a caregiver is the heavy responsibility and lack of available resources. Respite care offers the benefit of experienced professionals who provide quality support for your loved one, enabling you to get the rest necessary to continue to facilitate care